Aelita Andre the Four Year Old Who is Already a Professional Artist

How many of us would love to be a successful entrepreneur or to have the kind of artistic talent that makes us internationally famous? Aelita Andre from Melbourne in Australia is just that, and she is only four years old.

That’s right, just FOUR YEARS OLD, and this young girl whose abstract impressionist paintings have been compared with those of Picasso and Jackson Pollock, has a collection of her paintings on display in New York, at the Agora Gallery in Manhattan.

Aelita apparently produced her first painting of note before she was even two years old, and a collector from Hong Kong paid $24,000 for one of her paintings last year.

I guess it helps when your parents are also both artists, but it does show what an innocent mind with the right inspiration is capable of. When it comes to art though, beauty is also in the eye of the beholder, so to the untrained eye, like mine, a valuable piece of art could just appear as squiggles and blobs.

But if you think that Aelita’s artwork is just the usual squiggles and blobs like other children of her age produce, then think again. Just look at the first Gallery on her web site to see what she was capable of producing at the age of just two and three years old. I can’t for the life of me produce anything close to this at the age of 56!

I do wonder though, how many Mothers will read this, and then go grab the watercolors for their toddlers to play with. Just how much untapped artistic talent is out there waiting to be discovered?