Firing Your Staff: How To Let Someone Go Gently, or Employment Termination Notification

Employment termination notification isn’t easy, even for the most experienced entrepreneur. Yet sometimes, there is no other way. Be it from redundancy, poor conduct or performance, employee termination notification policies are the same, and only comprise three rules to stand by: being compassionate, following the law and sticking with the facts.

Have Compassion and Be Fair

This rule is first for a reason: No matter what the situation, level of misconduct or anger at having to let someone go, being compassionate will help a tense situation move from oppositional to understanding. Your staff member may not be thrilled that their job is no longer theirs, but the last thing they need are reasons with which to feel worse about themselves. Plus, all entrepreneurial conduct, should the employment termination notification be contended, will be scrutinized heavily. Save yourself the heartache and remember the person you are interacting with is a feeling human being that has concerns of their own and you’ll be one step closer to as harmonious of an end as possible.

Stick With Quantifiable Facts

When providing an employment termination notification, ensure that all information is quantifiable. If you don’t have your ducks lined up in a row at this stage, its time to start fresh, because nothing looks worse than trying to fire someone when you don’t have the paperwork to prove misdeeds on the job. Look back and review your record keeping: were there client complaints, poor sales performance, fewer transactions to support a position being abolished or massive changes in the industry? Whatever the reason for the employment termination notification, it needs to be cold, hard and clear instead of emotionally-driven hunches.

Follow Employment Termination Notification Law

To avoid future legal frustrations, it pays to review the laws in your jurisdiction. Many require some sort of written proposal with a set time frame for change, as well as escalating disciplinary procedures before the actual employment termination notification can be made. Since employment termination notification law differs greatly from state to state, make sure to investigate your options and rights fully with a lawyer, related government departments, trade unions or other potential legal participants first.

If you, as the entrepreneur in charge, can view the employment termination notification process as a method to part ways amicably instead of as enemies, you reduce the risk of libel, lawsuits, or vengeance – something all of those in a position of power can do without.