Earn Money With Internet Radio Stations: Perfect Avenue to Instant Fame and Wealth

Internet radio stations have become popular over the last several years. Listeners can dial into their favorite radio station and listen to hosts entertain them while they interview expert guests. They can also tune into programs like “Off The Shelf” and listen to experienced radio hosts interview bestselling authors, editors and other movers and shakers in the literary industry.

Gain Fame Through Internet Radio Programs

With just a little pizzazz and a passion for a specific topic or industry, listeners can create, host, manage and promote their own radio program. It’s an excellent way to gain instant fame on the Internet. The money involved is minimal to none.

Blog Talk Radio is one of the new popular Internet radio station providers. It’s easy to set up an account and start using the existing services. Follow the prompts at Blog Talk Radio, fill out the online registration form and submit it. Pick a catchy name for one’s Internet radio program, a name that will stick with listeners so they easily remember it.

New Internet radio station hosts will benefit from creating a schedule of upcoming guests to feature or interview on their radio program. Hosts can feature a recording artist like Maxwell, Dolly Parton or Willie Nelson. They could also play old Michael Jackson, Duke Ellington or Mozart hits for an entire hour and encourage listeners to leave personal comments about their reflections on the featured artist.

Famous Radio Hosts Interview Expert Guests

Program hosts who want to bring their listeners a wealth of current content by interviewing guests who are experts in their field can create a media sheet to send to potential guests and the press that lists the name of their Internet radio program, the host’s name and background, the show’s format (i.e. self-help, inspirational, sports, arts), days that the show is taped and the length of the show.

For example, “Off The Shelf” at Blog Talk Radio’s media sheet reflects that the entertainment program is hosted by Denise Turney, author of the books Long Walk Up, Portia, Love Has Many Faces, Spiral and Love Pour Over Me. The one page media sheet also reflects that the show is a one hour talk show that features bestselling authors, editors, publishers, poets, songwriters, literary agents and other movers and shakers in the literary industry.

Check out samples of existing Internet radio programs by browsing shows by category at companies like Blog Talk Radio, Live365, Radio Locator, Voice America and Artist First. Listen to three to four shows so that hosting a show starts to feel like second nature.

Search for guests like educators, entertainers, athletes, scientists or motivational speakers using Internet search engines like Google, Excite, Dogpile or Lycos. Invite the guest to be on one’s Internet radio show. Include the show’s one page media sheet with the invitation. Email invitations to keep a record of invites.

As the show’s audience builds, hosts can charge guests a fee to be featured on the show, continue to market and promote their shows and watch profits increase. Hosts can also feature commercial ads on their popular radio shows to generate revenue and grow wealth.

Managing Famous Internet Radio Show Schedules

Manage the show schedule by creating a spreadsheet or table that list the date and time of each show, the guest name and contact information. Update the schedule on a daily or weekly basis. Hosts who have personal websites can post their Internet radio program’s upcoming guests schedule on the main page of their website.

They could also create a special web page at their website to post all information about their Internet radio show. People who do this should include a link to their Internet radio show beneath highlighted information about each upcoming guest including the date and time for the interview. This helps to keep people who are already familiar with the host aware of appearances and speaking engagements that involve the host.

People who want to become locally, nationally or globally famous on the Internet can do so by contacting radio station providers like Artist First, Live365 or Blog Talk Radio and registering to create their own radio show. Internet radio station hosts can gain fame by scheduling engaging guests and using spreadsheets or tables to manage their radio show schedules.